Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

About time

Time has scooted by while I have been a total lethargic creature. Something has to happen for me to break lose again.---. So I have been reading other peoples blogs, hoping for a blast of energy but it hasn't happened.
Then yesterday I was reading a blog and it mentioned Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt. Hmm. I had noticed that sometime ago. Lets go look.

Well, why not? I am a whole lot Irish. I have done a few mystery quilts, but it was always me that organized and presented them. This would give me a new slant.
 I am a little behind but not by much.

So I zipped into  the quilting room disaster and started through my quilt stash.
Anybody who likes fabric, anybody that can't resist buying it or hoarding it has been constantly abused with those comments about, they could start a quilt store with all of that fabric, it makes good insulation and so on--. So it was time to get an upclose  look at my collection again.

First I printed off all the instructions up todate to start my Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt..
Now to read them.
1st problem.. Lowes is 60 miles away and so there is not any paint samples. I jot down the color chart, knowing that I will just go from the written word and creativity
.1. High end orange to rust. 2. Blues, not greyed on the Bristol end of the specrtrum.3 Sparky Yellows.. 4.Blued greens to lime greens. and  5.Cream based neutrals.

Neutrals are hard for me.. I hardly ever spend much on them. The patterns are usually, repeat shapes over and over, swirels, leaves and allover prints. Not much to get my attention. Nothing to fall in love with and so I only buy them because I need them in my stash. With careful sorting I find a handful, neatly folded and prepped, forever. Slipped those in a Wallie- world bag  becasuse I can see that for now this project is not going to neatly fit into a project box.

Yellows. . I have just been working with Yellow and mostly with new material. I love yellow but all I seem to have left in the stash is buttery stuff. Pull what I can. (I am not buying for this project!!!)

Oh, my goodness! My greens are old and terrible! Where is the good stuff? I pulled and pulled. But it is 90% questionable and yucky. Where can I go with this stuff? Well, it will have to work. Use it up and get rid of it. Collect a stash, put it in a bag. We will study it all again, later.

There are Bluess, but mostly smaller patterns in variations of the same shapes. I need variety. I gathered all the possables and stuffed them in a "Wallie" Bag

I love Orange.. But I have put it in many of my last quilt tops. So we are going to use a wide, wide range here. Rust is not my color, but here is some stuff that might work.if I push into the red range.

Over all I am not impressed. But I now have the bags lined up at the quilt room door and I will pick and choose from those prints.

My rules.
1. I will not buy anything but border and backing- if I actually get that far.
2. This is a scrap quilt and I will use as may different prints as I can and hope it works.
3. With a close up view point now of my stash, I know that I need more fabric to update my stash.. Oh Joy! That I can work on. But I will not buy it to use for this project. I will use what I have.

I have the easy angle ruler, but not the tri recs. I called the quilt store up the valley and they have one left that they will hold for me.

So today, I am buying a quilt ruler, and doing some shopping for Christmas and the pantry while I am 40 miles away in the Northern reaches of my valley.

Oh and light bulbs. I need a mess of lightbulbs so that I can see out there.

The quilt room door is open, a fan blowing in there to air it out and the heater turned up just a tad, to even the temperature with the rest of the house. I have been gone too long-- but there is hope for my survival.
Thank you Bonnie.

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