Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well, We got through it

We did get through it, the funeral and all. It went well.We have a wonderful family and I just feel so incredibly blessed to have them all. So thankful, that they were there to help and distract. and-- Well,
until the moments come, which from experience, moments appear without warning- well, until then we are doing fine and are counting our blessings on every finger, toe and eyelash so to speak.

Today, I went into the sewing room, to whip out a block for a round robin quilt that I am supposed to have done SOON. The pattern is picked out and most of the fabric, and I planned on cutting sewing and getting it out of the way. and clear the mind for the Celtic Solstice Quilt and a few more things. But, I had a nap attack and when I woke up my DH wanted to take me miles away to dinner, shopping and basketball games. Sounded like alittle light relief and so we did.

There was a "slight stop"at a quilt shop that I had only been able to go to one other time this year. He dropped me off while he went shopping. Quick Santa! Bring me some money! I think I spent mine in that quilt shop!

Looking for fabrics in my stash for the Celtic Solstice Quilt, found me surprised and disappointed at a lot
 of lacks,a good array of greens and yellows.was one of them. Can't say that I found any of those, but  I did replace some neutrals that I had used, and this time they have more interesting directionals. I added some pinks, a grim stripe, a quirky multi -color print that I have plans for, and much, much more else! Very fun!
I made resolutions to be a much nicer person for the rest of the year, to be more adventuresome and to stretch my boundrys, to enjoy people and give more hugs. Surely , I can manage to abide by that for 15 days or so, can't I?.

When we got home, some of our kids had come up to the house and with their sister had drug out boxes, set up the tree  to be trimmed, hung lights, strung tinsel everywhere (with quite a bit of humour involved) and just
truely gave us smiles and laughs as we inspected the "damage"- er decorating!" One sons large pucture is decorated with shotgun shell lights, and the decoraters wife, draped his own picture with lots of golden tinsel. It was all fun and love and again-- I am so very thankful for my family.

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