Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have just been reading " Patchwork Times" blog and the post today  was about stashbusting.
This is a topic that keeps coming up on a lot of the blogs that I check out. This is really quite a puzzling
thing to me.
Why would I want to bust my stash? Its the colors in my paint box. Its joy and good vibrations. Oh there is the rare occasion that I toss something, but it is indeed rare, and usually the things that get tossed were low quality fabric, something that threatens to fade badly or really grayed or drab with not much to offer in any composition.
Yes, my quilt room is piled high here and there and every where with some neater stacks in the 8 foot closet.
But this is all stuff that I love. Stuff that sings to me and whispers possible partnerships and flights of fancy.
You never know when you will need that particular color or directional of fanciful peice. And I am not stingy!
If somebody needs a peice to fit and can't find it- if I have something that works- I am usually delighted to find a happy home for it in a work of progress.
I guess, and probably many people think that I am just totally unrealistic about fabric. I am perhaps a fabricoholic.  But thats much better on the pole than an ahcolholic! Or a wasting your time type thing.
I can go into my stash and fold and hum and sing and get inspiration. I buy different fabric because of what it is doing, where it takes me, how it inspires me.This weekend I found a wonderful multi, unreal paisly with dots and swirls and fairland feeling that will be delightful, in my tree trunks I am planning.

For me a quilt is like a village I am building. It takes a lot of different types to round out, or fill out the empty spaces, to compliment each other, to lift one up to the heights, and sooth one down to live with mere mortals.
Fabric is song and dance and music of all types. Why do I want to choose and toss and limit myself?
I just don't equate with stash busting. I have more fabric than I will ever use. I don't need fabric right at the moment. But I often do need a soft clear blue for peace, or a jazzy orange for vibrato.
It is my passion, my vice and if my husband does not mind because I prefer it to antiques, or paintings, or home decor-- whats the problem? I call it insulation.
I will keep my stash. I will build my stash. And when I die, if my children cannot use it, then give it away, donate it, advertise it on craigs list and sell it all for $10. Who cares? It makes me happy.

I didn;t get back into the quilt room this am. It was deadline for Christmas cards. Oh I hate deadlines like that, but they are necessary for me to operate in the real world, to touch base with my freinds and loved ones and should be loved ones, and occasional friends and all like that.

Then we took our youngest grandaughters gift over to her to put under her tree. It is  important for kids to build up some anticipation, to guess, to hope, to imagine. She is opening her gifts early before they leave on a trip, so the timing is just about right for her to handle the package, feel, it , poke her finger next to the tape and  enjoy all the "wonder" of Christmas. There is a proturding button on it and if she happens to find it, she will hear a doorbell ring and then a dog barking. What Fun!

Last night was a sick night, so I was just totally not with it earlier today. But yesterday evening I  got over half of the neutral triangles done and now with practice, they are flying and the chore became a great  experience. Love it.

Tomorrow, is a basketball game in the city. A must be there thing. So we will go early and hopefully I can finish off the several small items that I need to get. It is coming together, I am almost ready to wrap.

Think that I will go shower and wash my hair and let it dry while I work on some more triangles. My hair is slow to dry so this should be fun.

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