Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Monday, December 23, 2013


The gifts are all wrapped-- but two.
I can see the floor in my bedroom again and get into my jammie drawer and so theres still HOPE for another several months that life will proceed more orderly.
What happening in the QUILTROOM?
I have been cutting and sewing like crazy. ALL the neutral tri-recs are cut and sewn. Over half of the orange and blue tri-recs are done and all are cut out.
I still have to cut the green squares for the chevrons and sew them.
The half triangle squares and pinwheels have a problem getting sewn. My machine is sucking them into the
feed dogs. I talked to Lynn at Needlentime today and she has one of the plates I need so that I can sew them up. So I will be making a trip up valley today for that. She is holding it for me. This is a new machine, so we are still getting aquainted, you see.
The squares and 4 patches are cut out and several of the four patches are sewn. That was truely fun and informative. I appreciate the informative instruction. It makes it great.


  1. Looks like the mystery is coming along!

  2. All your completed mystery parts look great! I hope the new throat plate is helping you zoom through the other pieces.

    1. The throat plate does help, but I still have problems. Its almost like my thread is so very dry and swirly and keeps looping back into the needle area. We live in a very dry country and now with the winter heat on, we probably need a humidifirer. We do keep a ceramic coated iron pan on top of the pellet stove all the time with water in it, but its just not enough

  3. Your units are very pretty. Lovely colors! I use a straight stitch needle plate when sewing units on my Pfaff machine I am guessing that is what you are getting, it does work great to keep small units from getting sucked into the machine.
    Lisa in MN

  4. They certainly aren't sucking down like they were, but as I was telling Vireya, the thread just doesn't behave right. All fly a way and twisting. This is a Phaff Expression the Anniversary model. I bought it in Oregon to save on the sales tax, but-- I did not get any lessons with it that way.