Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Monday, December 30, 2013

Whew I am exhausted

I had promised that I would get something off to put in a quilt to be raffled off.

My vision was wonderful. I cut and sewed and cut and sewed, Tossed and started over. Lots of trial and error and moving and changing color design. Then a friend came down that needed to work on it too , and she tossed some stuff, too dark. This needs so color, This needs a border and so on. She tossed me fabric,
and left to take her daughter somewhere.
I sewed. I sewed. I forgot about the mitered corners and sewed on squares. I put on an applique. Not perfect, but still in the direction that I wanted. Then I added a vine on the tree and used fray check on it as I always do. But something happened. The fray Check turned milky and plastic like. Was It too old? What?
That wasn't ok. I couldn't use this one. Sooo==

Go to bed and see what the marrow brought.

Tomarrow, came and I drug out my fabric and cut 5 "Right Hand of Friendship Blocks" and sewed and seam ripped and sewed, and seamripped. Isn't that the way it goes when you have to do something!
Anything!! But you are so tired, forget to stop and eat and walk around, and so it goes.
This is what I came up with--

Not enough steady contrast here. Mushy areas. But now that is not my problem. I Hand it over and the scraps, some poss usable fabrics and wave it out the door. 

Moving right along.
Celtic Solstice Part 5
My orange and yellow squares are all made and hanging together on strings like speggeti.
My Blue triangles are all cut and counted also.
My meutral triangles are not done. But I cut 10 or 12 out and borrowed a few to make sample blocks with.
And that is it folks. The sewing room is absolutely thrashed and then thrashed. Time is flying. Tonight and towmarros I wash, pack and clean what I can and do some odd chores. Wednesday is New Years. My momma always told me, do what you want to do on New Years and that is what you will do all year.
Well, I hope that I don't travel all year, but I can stand with doing what I want to do. We are heading to Portland, and then Eugene and then to Central California and then to the California Beach. Sweet!
You all have a great New Year!.


  1. You will be caught up in no time on the mystery!

  2. Thankfully, I noticed in my pic that I had the placement wrong on my Right Hand of Freindship block! Took it off the wall and seam ripped and contrabalanced it. It was a real seam ripper day! Luckily the Celtic Solstice part of the day went smooth. Love those Strip and eazy anglin

  3. You've got some cute fabrics in your mystery!

    Happy 2014!