Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I have been in the sewing room a few mornings.

Nothing too interesting to record here,or  to look at.

After a blitz of the "Yuck" some nasty virus, I am back to popping into my sewing room for a little rest and relaxation before anyone gets up,and sometimes later.

All of the 24 blocks of the 54-40 or fight type are done, ironed and in a box. I am counting the blocks done toward the border of this "Bonnie Hunter" mystery quilt, and that means that I amjust past the half way mark to a finish piecing job.

I have mixed emotions. When I lay the blocks out, I like them. Bright and good movement there. When I am working on it, I am wishing that I had added more fabrics. I get bored with the sameness of this.

Yesterday, I cut out and counted and recounted all the 200 rectangles I needed to make the chevron blocks. For now I am going to hope that the 2 " squares of yellow and neutral are at least close to enough. This morning I sewed body parts, chain stitching, and then put 8 of the chevrons together. Even scrappy, they are not exciting, but look not too bad either. I have actually finished enough chevrons for two of the 25 blocks that I have yet to make. I think Bonnie calls this her Birthday block.I will reserve judgement on it. I like the little triangular corners. I do not like or at least very rarely like pinwheels.

I also had to add another print to the bit of half triangle blocks that I am making to "maybe" frame my vintage looking center fabric up on a design wall. One night, a sleepless beginning and the mind not resting, I climbed back out of bed and went and rooted around my stash until I found a soft blendy rose, and pink kind of nothing fabric and layed it out to add into my design wall quilt. Then went back to bed and slept like a top. It is funny how the mind is working when you don't even realize it. I DO realize that mine must work in super slow motion! Well, we will see where it leads me down what path with this quilt.

I came home from town the other day with another stack of 5 project boxes to sort body parts and store made blocks and things of projects that I am actively using from time to time. That gives me 10 of these boxes now. And when I get the "notion" I will kind of rearrange these piles of fabric in there to make room for a little temporary fabric storage in there. I threw out a plastic 3 drawer thing that I bought one summer about 6 years or so ago when 2 of my grandkids came for Ok to stay 3 weeks, and then on second thought hauled it into my sewing room for tempory storage for new fabric.  Or maybe I will put  UFO's in there instead and use my tall little drawer stacker for fat quarters? Hmm. I will wait for the brain to work on that one.

It is a bright and sunny day outside with drifting occasional black rain clouds, Just a nice springy time day. So think I will go play with my poultry and do chores and  make just a very little gardening motions music.

My son is building me a series of 3 compost bins and I can't wait to pile them full of stuff to decompose! Except for the fact that I will have to overcome my inherent laziness, that is!

I wonder if thats what I am doing in my sewing room? Making more compost bins?

Friday, March 14, 2014

For sure I can't count right

It seems like its been so long since I have been here.

BW came down and helped me pin little NW quilt. I started it 3.5 years ago before she was born and was determined to finish it by this her third birthday. There is only so much guilt that you can handle. I had already made a mess of receiving type blankets for her event but had created a larger crib size for later. The top has been done since before NW was born. Just sitting there.

We pinned it out. BW was such a help and she learned that it really does make your back hurt even though we had the thing duck tapped to our large table that is used for everything. Right now it is my husbands office and has to be 1/2 cleared for every meal! Its a large conference table that a cousin found years ago and KNEW it was perfect for our lifestyle. Over the years I have tried to get rid of it but everyone yells so loud we continue to use it even though most of the time there are only 3 of us rattling around in this house. We have had it now for over 20 years, and it hogs the dining room but it really is handy for  our life. I have thought about getting a breakfast size table to use for normal eating but I am not sure exactly where I would put it????

When we were done pinning we discovered some oops places on two sides of the quilt in the border edges of the backing. Enough for the time. We were so aching.

No way was I going to get it finished for her 3d birthday! But B said that was fine. They had moved her party to a week out because our varsity BB team was headed to STATE. With two granddaughters on the team--well, everything stops for state tourney!

We spent 3 days in Spokane, DH had some business to do for  a day and a half, so I either rode in the truck with him or slept in at the motel. I managed to get in two quilt stores and fabric that I surely don't need, and we tried out different places to eat and went back to a few favorites. The girls WON their first game with the team that had trounced them last year and that were currently undefeated.They  lost
their  second to the defending 5 year champs and then came back strong for the Championship round and  Won 3d place. We are SURE if the draws had been different we would have placed second-- but that is the way the ball bounces as Chuck Bolin would say.

Satisfied, I came home to a load of laundry, and a load of clean unfolded laundry, spoiled to not having to cook and ready to sew.

I had purchased a varigated thread to blend into this scrap quilt and Lynn at Needle N Time had sold me the right topstitch needles for the heavier wt thread and it went pretty smooth after I had repinned the oops out of the quilt. The oops didn't take as long as I thought. When you are tired, an oops can be overwhelming but is not  as alarming as you thought and that is how it was. I took three different days to finish it and took it to my daughter up the road to bind it for me. I really HATE to bind. I am not sure why and so when I can, I trade something to her for a binding job. Its always nice to have an OWE on hand for something like that. I haven't saw the quilt yet and I have to make a label for it and sew it on before the party tomorrow night.

I have been sick with the YUCK for the last 2 and half days. Spent most of my days sleeping in the chair in front of the pellet stove. I think that I will live now though not feeling the best. I still want to buy a little toy or something for the party-- do I venture out? Or save myself? Well I think the printer used the last of the lazer roll so maybe it will be an OUT. We will see. I don't have much cash right now to have a really good time with it, and I don't want more sickness. But I am a sucker for getting out of the house and eating out. I enjoy cooking, but have been pretty much been fixing lunch and dinner for awhile because the guys have been working alot in the my table.

Yesterday, I was up enough to square all the 4 patch blocks that I had made for the celtic soltice quilt. I now have 8 more of the star type blocks to finish. I don't know how many times that I have counted them and then forget and count again and the numbers always are different for me. It must be a brain malfunction that I was born with. ..... I pinned the block pieces together and need about 4 more sets of right sides of the fifty four-fourty points while I have a stack so high of the left sides. How do I do that!!
It drives me nuts. Anyway. I have 8 more blocks to finish, press and store before I work on the next set.

I was in a frenzy to finish some of the pieces for those blocks, so really, I don't know what I have, not much I know, and I am sure that I counted it all wrong anyway, since I am so good at that.

But my goal is now to just work on that steady, and switch off with either my design wall project, which is not comming together at all------ or to drag out another UFO and work on that, slowly clean  up my sewing space, look for a bookcase with sides 3' x tall to store more fabric in and to PUTTER.

I can putter fairly well. I just can't count or remember what I counted!!!