Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Well, its been HOW LONG and I finally managed to get back to my blog.
The fire came through after that last post and wiped out previous creativity, currant activity
the entire house and a stash that was sooo lovely, It also wiped out all guilt, shame and pretty much hope to ever be me again.

I have discovered that if fire burns down a tree, some trees will come back from the roots. Their first leaves are huge and somewhat tender, but then the stalks start to grow. Thats what I am seeing and I am hoping that in the new year alot of them will be doing fine. We are having a wet fall-early winter,
so I am hopeful.

And I hope that that holds true with me. That I can revive,survive and so on. I have a sewing table, a mat, new ruler,  and thanks to a whole bunch of wonderful people from all around the world, a new stash. Audrey and I made it to the local area shop hop and I added some personal selections to the stash. I had great plans. My eyes are much worse than they were. I am wondering if I will be able to function at the machine.
The new machine is a Janome memory craft 6300. I used it in the single wide trailor house that we lived in while our New HOUSE ON THE HILL was being built, and loved the feel of it when I put the "pedal to the medal" so to speak.

The new table is a 'cheep" one compared to the Horn that I had, but hey, I am old and won't wear it out, and its laid out as I want. My daughter Jan bought me an ott light, a tall one with a huge magnifying glass on it that I can flex into proper direction. Sewing was a pleasure in the trailor. My only attempt here, I couldn't see the needle. But persista\ence paid off, but seeing what I was sewing?? I still haven't sewn in this house. we have been here 7 months. I think that I am chicken to try. But I have also been very busy setting up my office, having company, shopping for essentials, making thousands of decisions and thats my excuse.

I think that I am so terrified of not being able to do it-- that I won't try.

I do not admire fearful  cats!

But I have started "dreaming" of designs and fabric colors and layouts.

Today I finally got back into my lost blogs. Tomorrow????