Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Friday, December 20, 2013

Another aimless Day

On Wed we had two BB games back to back at the Town Toyoto center. So I got up early and did the poultry, and we started out at 9 am for the city. I shopped, ate lunch, shopped, went to the games, started to shop, and my grandkids wanted to join us for supper,. We took a leisurely time with them enjoying our Italian night out, and then I shopped and we got home at 10 min after midnight.

Guess thats a little too much for an old lady, because all I did today was sit and read and sleep. After everybody went to bed, I recounted all my neutral tri-recs and made sure they were sewn properly, fininshed up  what I needed to do to complete them. Resorted my piece boxes and now I am headed to bed. I feel fine. I could probably work another two or three hours and get more done. But---. Tomorrow I have to take a computer in to be worked on, pick up my new glasses that are late coming in, and pick up the stuff for DH side of the family's Christmas potluck and get together out at my oldest sons.

So- though I would love to sew, will try to go to bed and sleep and hopefully get alittle more back on schedule.

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