Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dangerous spaces

Quilt rooms are really dangerous territory. If it is someone else's quilt room, its a journey into their physique . If that is even the right word. And then its a marvelous journey of discovery, enjoying new finds, getting ideas and sharing idea, and coming away, refreshed, and that back corner of your mind is thinking all the time of your space, your organization, your candy.

But if its your quilt room and it needs a complete hand of love and care, addressing re-organization. display, use and just clean it up mode- then it is doubly dangerous.

I went into the quilt room two nights ago putting off the inevitable bedtime, just to see what kind method of attack on the cleaning problem that I should use (if I was still motivated the next day).
First of all, I need to clean the doorway so that I could get in safely. And there was lots of unused space lurking under the longarm machine, and checked out the cutting table  and the moveable work table. Shuffled through some quilt books and picked up a stack to lull me toward sleep from the tangled mess on the book rack, and , well, look at that. Theres that quilt box from Fons and Porter that Cynthia gave me for Christmas. Wonder what I stored, if anything, in it. It was full of quarter triangle squares.

I rememberd the morning I  was wading through some of the ironing and storage of prewashed fabric. This stuff was a large percent of stripes so I pulled out the stripes and looked at them. I dug through the stash to find complementary and neutral colors that went well with them. Some time later I had cut a mass of quarter triangles and even later, I had made these stimulating quarter triangle squares.
The next day, I fondled them, ironed them and found that box to store them in. I was too busy to do anything more on them at the time and my mind was already moving on. It moved right out of the tangled quilt room too.

Two nights later, I can't get them out of my mind. So this am I pulled them out and spread them around and laid them out with the piece of fabric that I had tucked in with them.

And I can't get them out of my mind. They are not on my priorty list. DANGER!  Lets put them  away and see if they keep bugging me.

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