Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Friday, October 25, 2013

Life, love it but can be frustrating

My brother and his wife Jean are visiting. I am SO happy to see them, and want to spend every moment that I can with them, as we haven't been all together for about three years or so Jean joined me for a week two years ago to take in a quilt show and sight see(QUILT SHOPS) but with my brother here is is QUILTS  and GENEALOGY and memories and on and on---. We are Washington state and they are Oklahoma. Thank goodness for phones, cell phones and the internet!
But on the downside, and there is always a downside, I do not have time to spend in the quilt room though Jean and I talk a whole lot of quilt talk!
We are headed out today to hit some local quilt shops before I take her to visit her uncle. So I am looking forward to smelling and fondling alittle fabric today and  will no doubt come home with a fat quarter or so to add to the stash that is washed and needing ironed and put away into the MAIN Stash. Oh me!

Have cut out the first cut of the background blocks. Jean and I went to Waterville quilt shop this week to see if she had any more of the background fabric that I had bought. I do not really like or need a super abundance of small quilts and this quilt is supposed to finish up at 59 by 76. I am willing to buy another jelly roll also -- if I could find the background fabric.But, I had all but wiped her out of that particular fabric.
. I do not think that this pattern is compatible with  borders, Though I am considering that I may be able to add a header or bottom border if needbe. You have to  keep your mental options open at all times. This pattern is METRO RINGS by SEW KIND of WONDERFUL.

I was browising through a "Double Wedding Ring Quilts" book last night, It was published by the American Quilters Society at Puducah Ky and  edited by Vicotoria Faoro. It certainly takes the Wedding Ring pattern into all sorts of new directions and mindsets for me. The mind is working even as I visit, eat and sleep.

In our home quilting group, my daughter had introduced us to a challenge of working in a simple pattern and then make a series of three more quilts with the same base pattern but expanding it in differant ways each time. I chose the drunkards bath for that one,just using a simple 1 part block of the 16 blocks for a real Drunkards Path and the whole process of working and designing those quilts was a very valuable learning process. So I am looking at this "easy" modern straiight strip peiced  ring and seeing all sorts of possibilites on the horizons.
I want to be with my family but if I wasn't worn out from all the talking and laughing, I would also be sneaking into the quilt room to sew, stack, think, dream and ponder.into the night while other people slept the sleep of the just!  Sigh-----.

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