Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that thre are lots and lots of terrific fabrics out in the market place?
I have just finished a Shop Hop. Hadn't been for a year or so, usually make it every four years and
really just went to look at fabric. Unfortuantely, I did not leave my $ or credit card at home. So now-
well I have lots more insulation for the walls in my quilt room. And a new pattern to redesign or maybe not. Its very simple, so I may let'er be.
My daughter asked me the other day--Have you noticed what interesting and oftoen similar kinds of people run quilt shops. Little shops in the country, in small towns, in old law shops or whatever seems adaptable for housing. It must have to do with the dryness of their voice, the calculating glint in their eye and their fervid  blending of selling what they really like, with the probably will sell stuff so they can stay afloat. These shops have their own little specialties whether it be jelly rolls and precuts, specialty  threads for hand quilting, patterns for avante guarde MODern, old sewing machine collections and or cats.
Whats with cats? I love cats but I notice that lots of sewers have cats as do book sellers. It must be the calm and soothing lifestyle that we live. ? You think? Or maybe we just are trying to escape the force of pace of everyday life.
This year I found some interesting stuff, several pieces of orange. Just couldn't decide if I wanted dots in even pattern, circled medallions in even rows, or rain splattered batik dots with some blues,purple and greys thrown in. They kind of made my heart song purr.
They I bought something that I call bur-plum. Its not burgundy, or claret, or plum  but somewhere darker, less light and almost flat. Now why would I want flat? How will I use flat. I always look for alive and intense so maybe I am trying to soothe my pace alittle.
And I that always stay away from browns in general, bought tans, and browns, and chocolate and browny greys. Maybe its just a problem that I created for my self to stretch the horizons.
Its been nearly a year since I have been really quilting. Baby quilts do not really count with me. I like larger canvases than that. But  watch out quilt room. I am a coming. Therapy time. Love time. Soothe time. Design time. What if time---

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