Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Friday, February 28, 2014

Why is it?

Sunshine, glorious sunshine outside, glistening snow all over Billygoat mountain.
I can do what ever I want today--. Not. There has to be some goals, and some determination.

So as I set firmly at the machine and sew my mind is not on my business. It is tumbling, asking questions.

Why is it such a soaring pleasure to sew some days. You feel like you have air under your wings and you can do almost anything and like it?

And some days its just kind of grime, counting the amounts finished and counting the amounts to be done.

I have been amazingly well as far as virus's etc go this winter. All about me people have been sick and dragging and I have done pretty well. But its impossible I think to get by in the winter and not have some virus, or  quite a few hit you. I mean, you have to buy groceries and so does the sickly ones and so you meet and intermingle among the cabbages and romaine and zip, you come away with a little icky bug that will get you down in the dumps soon. And it finally happened to me. When it was over, I shopped frantically. Was I searching for another bug to bring home to get me down?  And when all was said and done, the aisles wondered up and down, there wasn't much I brought home except for food supplys.

Yesterday I approached the dreaded deadline ahead, must do, get this done forever quilt. I had worked on it over the weekend and the backing was almost done. I had hunted and hunted for a special backing fabric for this very scrappy quilt that I had pieced for my granddaughter  but thinking baby quilt I hadn't purchased enough fabric. Now I had to piece on side boarders and hope they looked alright. I didn't want it patchy too, so decided to borders down the sides of  the back of the quilt.It was soon, hurry hurry get this done, and the peices ironed.
I duck taped the backing to my table top and marked the center ( just on one end, mind you. What was I not thinking?)  I cut and laid out the white warm and natural that I prefer to use. Stood back and looked at it . My son GW came in and asked is that the quilt? You want some help. And he called his wife to come and help.

Pinning is a merciless job. Its bad on young backs and old backs alike. I used to have to do it on the floor and am really thinkfull to have this 4' x 10'table to work on. But it is still hard on the back.
When everything was pinned about 3" apart, we turned it over. As always there are some boo boos.
One on either side to be unpinned and redone and even oops a little resewing.   The quilt is resting in the living room over couches and chairs. It should be warm enough in there. I hope so anyway, as I had went ahead and marked it while it was stretched out with a friXion pen.. And we rerely use the living room this time of the year, so thats ok. Our REAL LIVING room is the dining room with the pellet stove and the lazy boys in it.

My back is rested, but the memory remains and I will give that quilt and me, a few more days to relax.

Back to the Celtic Soltice blocks. Now what it different? Why are they not fun anymore? Why are they kind of just a chore?  I am getting tired of the fabrics. I cut most of the pieces and pieced quite a bit. Then had to cut more because I can't count properly. I still had enough variety I thought-- but now I am wishing that I had even more variety. "Remember that for the next scrap quilt".
I just made my self sew anyway. It wasn't fun. It wasn't uplifting.. I wasn't happy. Was it really the Celtic Soltice Quilt? Or was it the painful chore of pinning the day before. Maybe I am just lazy.

I now have 15 of the 54-40 or fight blocks done. Nine more, I promise my self and you can switch gears and take a break on something else. But not for long. I do not want this to be another UFO.

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