Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Friday, February 7, 2014

Packing AGAIN

I am such a grouch.
DH is going to Oregon again. This time to add the rock to my daughters backyard wall. Our son GW is going to with wife and their daughter. We will visit, they will build walls for three days and then my daughter EL and her family are taking us all to the coast for two days on the beach at a house they have access to. A Vacation. I should be esstatic. Instead of course I am the groundhog grump that wants to stay home in my den and do my own thing. OH Well--

So I threw a load of wash into the machine and headed to the quilt room. There is some stuff going on out there.
 I have been working on all the body parts for my Celtic Solstice 54-40 or fight blocks. I worked a set, counted them and only had a little less than half. Made a second batch and what? They wee two sizes! Luck would have it that the 2nd batch were the right size and the first batch just needed cut down. Whew! There has been a whole lot of trimming and squaring going on. for sure. Then the body parts made, those blocks were ready to sew..
I have had the center medallion square cut out for sometime for
my Vintage type dream quilt and hanging on the wall. Have hung some fabric up to audition also.
But nothing is really happening with it. I decided to change the boarder around it and now--nothing is happening. Nothing seems right. I may just take it down and put it away for awhile. We will see what happens when I get back from this trip.

And do you notice that shiny acrylic insert around my machinge? Oh pure heaven! I had tried to order it before from Dream World but  I wasn't sure that I understood how to give the Horn cabinet opening demensions. They kept reminding me that if I made a mistake that I would eat it. Then they had a sale and I called to place my order. The girl told me that my machine was a custome order, the sale would not apply and it would be $106 plus tax and shipping. I really did not like her attitude, voice and snippy tone. So I thanked her and said, not today.
Late last month I remembered that if I didn't get my insert that I would not be able to finish my granddaughters OVER DUE quilt before her 3d bithday.  Hmm. I went to the computer again and this time tried Sew Easy, and it was-so EASY. There form to fill out was very self explanatory. Much clearer than the other forms I had looked at, so I got it ordered fed-ex to the house, tax and all $86. It is a dream. I had a moment of panic when it wouldn't fit, but I didn't realize that the accessory box was an attachment and would come off. Oh, I do love it. It is a dream to work with now. in spite of all the perils of Pauline that old ladies have to face.

And then I made the first 5 blocks of the Celtic Solstice Quilt. They went together very nicely.

So now, a happy camper, I put them away, cleared up the mess on the ironing board, sewing table, and a small section of floor, blessed my mess, turned off the lights and left.

Sigh!! I guess I need to start packing now-- or maybe after lunch, since I missed breadfast!

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