Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov 2016

9 days and counting till our 50th wedding anniversary. The fullness of that statement stuns me.
It's been a tough year emotionally in so many ways.
Lion's cousin died  in 2015. He and his family were who we came to see in 1974 in this country. This country that made my skin crawl just looking at the sagebrush. Now I look out and wish the fire hadn't burnt so much sagebrush. I look out and am just in awe and thanksgiving that we have got to live here in this beautiful land that I love and so appreciate.
Betty his wife and long time sister in the Lord and friend died in January. A few days later I walked out the back door in the ice and did an upside down dance that resulted in a broken leg.
Healing was easy. The mental strain was harder.
Rehab was and is an ongoing process.
With April came a revelations that I was only very minutely prepared for. It's still a burden that cost me many a slèepless night though many of the tangled thoughts bouncing around in my head
Have been minutely examined, discussed and I am more at rest and feel love in all my ways.
It's just the helplessness to bring all to a conclusion.
But life just keeps spinning, so busy, so much to do.
And in a few days we will celebrate love.
Such wonderful love, surviving,uplifting, comforting, enduring, painful, exhillerating love, sad, happy, mournful, fulfilling love.

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