Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday was a buzz saw day

Yesterday I was still on that road trip high, only now it was in reverse.
Suitcases were emptied and put away. Top priority wash was done and since much of the stuff
is hang dried, this morning was put away time. I can almost see my dining room table again. There are two huge piles of laundry to sort and do yet.But I am shifting into think mode, slow down, how do I handle what needs to be done.
I thought that I would involve my self in Judy's, at Patchwork Times, scrappy quilt, but I am not interested in making small stuff just to get rid of fabric. and the more I thought about it I knew that I was going to have to parcel the Celtic Soltice Quilt out to portions to finish each day. And really, I have to get my quilt room into a state that I can enjoy it, instead of the push, push mad dash that I have been doing to complete stuff. What I want is steady and sure progress without stress and hyperventilating.
So what are my goals now and how to go about them.
The quilt room is a horrific mess. I can work fine in chaos, but not for a long measure of time and the bottom line is I don't want to live like this.
Rule 1. Wash my new fabric along with the laundry loads and put it away as I do the folding.
Rule 2. Think about what I want to change in the Quilt room to improve it.
           a. lets get the bits and pieces off the floor.
           b. lets think about scraps and how they need to be organized and how often do I do an update on this to keep things moving along well and be on top of it.
           c. Lets look at the quilt room and figure out how to utilize the space and store my scraps and still move around and not create bunches of dust bunny spaces.
Rule 3 Make a list of $ things that need done and insert them into the budget.
           a. get a plexiglass form for my new sized sewing machine. Budget for it.
           b. Get the Long Arm timing fixed. Budget for it.
           c. what and how do I want to store my scraps.What do I use for there storage? Do I need to buy anthing.

So, went to my computer and typed in Organizing quilting scraps and started reading. There are lots of quilters out there with good ideas. They all work different, think fabric differrent. A lot of things sound good, but some I have tried before, and some are not me. I am not the same person, with the same methods that I was and I need to think about that and adjust it.
1. I love working with 5" charms. So I need a box of my collections. Now they are just here and there. That idea of using photo boxes is a good one. Acid free is good. They are small enough so that hopefully I won't get carried away, They do not have dips and ridges to collect dust and can just be wiped off and if stacked. There is no where for dust to collect.
2. The 2.5" strips are very handy, just too contolled and bland. I like to mix all kinds of fabrics across time, form and color, so one box will do.Maybe one for uncuts or for 20" size by 2.5 and a box for 2.5" scraps any smaller size peices.
3. I have small stackers for leaders and enders, small squares of 1.5 ". Perhaps I need more of these plastic boxes that stack for triangles and such. Think about this one. We will call all these triangles, bricks and squares, Body Parts. And I need a place to put the body parts. By the cutting table.

Since I never know what direction I am going to take off next, I am not sure that a lot of planned body parts are a good thing, so I need a place for scraps. Less than 6" cuts of fabric should be thrown into the scraps, over 6" into the fat quarter area. But to sort my less than  6" or weird shapes,hey can just be tossed into a container and sorted by purples, reds, pastels, neutrals light, neutrals dark, greens and blues oranges and yellows. I do work by color to color. Do I want a pink bin? Pink is not usually my thing. Think about that. We are talking 9 or 10 bins. Lets find the space first and then decide.

I have my goal set for the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice and some mind turning stuff going on. Thats good enough for today.

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