Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did I lose my head too?

I have been trudging away, trying to kick the chaos out of my quilt room.

This morning I wanted to take a picture of my progress. Some would not call it much progress but- awww, I know that its progress. There is more air to breathe in there and I can get around the place with out holding the piles up as I pick my way around the room. However, I have already noticed that
I will have to move some things back the way they were-- the cord for my iron is just not long enough
for freedom where it was, so the roming board is already moved back in front ot the fabric closet and by the heater again.

I have had, still have, remnants of a flu, so struggled hard with the decisions of getting out yesterday.
Was I still contagious? Was I in good enough shape to not have side effect problems with a  60 mile trip going, and 60 miles comming. When I had my grccery shopping done and the side trip to Craft Warehouse and JoAnns done, would I still have the energy to put the stuff away, and make dinner?

Decisions, Decisions--.
Just as we drove into the  outer suburbs of the "City", my husband told me that by the way, we were going refridgerater shopping. Not for me, but for the Church kitchen. Life just piles things on you, have you noticed? Well, three stops later, he had decided that there was one "maybe" and that he needed to gather some more info for comparisons and look on line.

Then I went to craft warehouse. This time of year they usually have sales on stuff they dangled in front of us Christmas shoppers and so I was looking for acid free photo boxes to sort and store my scraps in.
They did, and several different colors, so I bought green, deep violet, black on white, white on black, red, dark bright blue, pastel blue, and a blue and white stripe. Total $19 rounded off. These boxes are not large but I figure that they are a start, and with neat pressed fabric you can get a lot in there. I already have a green tiny print one that is going to be my "bit" box for applique etc. The stipe will do for sized strips and as I find more striped boxed I can devide and conquer finding my strips. But I will be able to know from the color of the box what to expect inside.
Then I went to JoAnns. There was not a price anywhere on their photo boxes and most colors I had. But I picked up a nasty pale pink roses one for shades lighter than red and a delightful red-orange print that I couldn't resist. Total price was $9 and something. Humm. I did better at craft warehouse didn't I?
I know that I have at least two suppot braces  somewhere and a 4-5 foot long white shelf plank and the plan is to put a low shelf behind the cutting table for those scrap boxes.

Groceries and home and ugh! Husbands like to eat. Energy is gone so we did tacos because we love them, they are fast and easy and little clean up too.

Then the house went to bed and I sat up working on a DNA puzzle, my FF Finder Tests ,and a letter from a match. When I was so tired, the brain wouldn't work, I went to bed. And now I have a problem. Where are my glasses? They are not in any of the acceptable places that I put them. So-- I am rambling around this morning blind as a bat! And the long and short of it is, I can't find my camera, since I can't find my glasses-- you got it!

So busy work in the quilt room this early am. Its the 21st of January, so I ironed 21 pieces of my washed stash, and put it away, plus a stray pillowcase that was mixed up in there. Now I feel virtuous, blind, but virtuos.

The trouble with ironing and sorting stash is there are so many old ideas that pop into your head again, or fresh ideas, as you fold and fondle your fabric. This morning it was a lush vintage look piece by Laudrey Basket for Moda, called Aloha. My daughter and I were on a shop hop this fall, when I spotted the last of a bolt on a back clearance wall in a shop on the Cascade Highway.. I had saw a quilt in "Material Obsession 2" quilt book by. Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke that just kind of has hung around in the back of my mind and this "Aloha"  fabric was perfect. Well, not perfect, it had a somewhat limited color range and mostly colors that I avoid, but what better way to stretch my space than working with it? It had the FEEL  that I wanted.
So, I had no pattern, didn't quite remember the quilt and so had no idea how much fabric to buy. I am the type, that figures that if a yard is probably close to enough, I had better buy a little more. So I bought 2 yards.

As I ironed the delectable stuff this am, I wondered where the rest of the oddball, ugly colors were that  I have picked up to go with it on that shop hop. But they are washed and will turn up in one of these overflowing laundry baskets and then the fun can start.
But why wait? I found my book and cut the center square of fabric out and put it on a design wall, to dream about as I piddle around in there.

Oops, its daylight now. I better eat.

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