Momma Says Quilts Speak

Momma Says Quilts Speak

Monday, July 7, 2014

Easing back to homelife I hope

Think I have been overtaken in a whirlwind or something. Something anyway that turned my life inside out.
Nothing terribly tramatic, just bouts of sickness, influx of kids, grandkids, mustdo's, camping and stuff like that. All normal, interesting, stimulating, exhausting and so on- but off a "Moma does her own slow easy thing "mode.
I wondered into the quilt room this morning. Well, I have been in there off and on last week, but took a real gander at it this morning.

Yes, its still the mess of mess's.
But there has been a few changes. When my daughter #4  was visiting, she found a bookshelf kind of leaning drunkerdly in a neighbors barn door. It was perfect for my sewing room, so we pursued contact with the owner to no avail. And then on another morning walk, she ran into one of the contacts and he said, just take it if you want it. So she did. And she scrubbed and painted, and painted. We threw fabric just any which of way to clear a path when we had some help to get the thing moved in. Later, my husband screwed it to the wall, and Liz started folding and stacking fabric.  Of course her time here was about up so work did not progress any furthur.  I have wondered in there and folded some but, when I fold fabric, I get ideas and progress goes in a different direction.
So here is what has been happening.
I think that I only need 9 of these blocks for a baby quilt. I hope for something, old, homemade, a little off center and quirky verging on vintage but nothing quite on. Yes, that sounds like me alright. I thought about making it for Eli, a brand new nearly 10 lb baby in the church family---- but on the other hand there is a new grandchild  comming up and its mother likes, old,vintage, looking stuff. Will just see what comes together. Maybe a nice dog blanket! LOL! It doesn't matter much. Its interesting, eazy and I am having fun. I guess that is what is important.
This has been on the design wall for eons. I keep tweeking it. I had never planned on pink, but I really like what it does. The triangles were supposed to be "Indian Trails" but  I don't think I will finish that pattern. I kind of like the small 1/2 triangles interjecting, but do not want to  add them all around the triangles. This looks cleaner, lighter, less regimented. I don't know if I will use it or where it is going but this is making me happy---so far. Slow thinking here.

This is the shelves up and slowwwwly recieving fabric. This narrow bookshelves gives me new access to my cutting table from two sides, room for a trash can, and good light. It is not perfect, but it is better.

Lots of work to do--but I know that I will just piddle away at it because on a good day, you can sail away on a fabric flight of fantasy, let the scraps fall where they may.

Its in the 100 degrees now, but the airconditioner works fine. So its a lovely ??? well, pleasant for me, work place in the early morning hours, or just whenever I take a whim.
But--- hot weather means water, water, water, so I had best go change my water, tend the garden day needs, feed the poultry and be ready for lunch in town with a group of friends in two hours.
Ouch, maybe tomorrow I can go looking for a fabric store that has some old fashioned, directional  NAVY blue fabric. I guess NAVY has just not been my thing before. I can't find a decent peice in this fabric bonanza mess!
So- maybe will find somethin just right. I have heard that they have a new quilt store in the tourist town heading toward the pass. I like the sound of that! Never enough fabric, and never enough quilt stores. I try to share some cash with them to keep them in business.

Duty calls.

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